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Annapurna Agro a venture of Annapurna Agro Bio Tech India Pvt Ltd is conceptual name of our vision.Annapurna Agro is a global leader for promoting organic products and supporting sustainable farming, wild crafting and village/tribal agriculture communities in India.

Annapurna Agro biotech India Pvt Ltd.has dedicated itself for catering the needs of the farming community .The outcome of its constant endeavor to supply quality and result oriented products though continues research. It has been focusing on the advancement of Indian agriculture since its inception.

Annapurna Agro is credited with pioneering production and marketing of high quality organic products .this is a committed company in the business of new generation advanced agric inputs now releasing Bio-urea the ultimate yield enhancing granules.


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Our team mission is to promote agricultural practices designed to provide abundant healthy food, fiber and other services for all communities.