Who We Are


Who We are

Our earth is an infinitely good, beautiful and nourishing place to be. The only thing is we need to do is take care of its beauty and nourishment. Protecting earth’s environment is of utmost importance. At Annapurna Agro Biotech India Pvt.Ltd we are trying to do the same by bringing forth all natural products.

For agriculture we have produced herbal and organic products, for daily care absolutely herbal products, for daily care absolutely herbal products and ayurvedic medicines for all human ailments. Pollution, over exploitation of natural resources, exceeding use of chemicals in agriculture, medicines and other utility products are like an evil shadow on our environment. In order to make this shadow disappear we need to put the light of natural methods for revival of environment.

Thre is a great deal of concern among the farmers, planners & government officials over the decline in soil fertility. Constant cultivation of single crop, indiscriminate chemical based pesticides & fertilizers usage, lack of awareness regarding its ill effects have been the major factors contributing to this situation. Organic farming, self-employment, generation of employment for rural women, deforestation, soil conservation, water conservation, etc. have been found to be alien terms for the most.


Annapurna Agro a venture of Annapurna Agro Bio Tech India Pvt Ltd is conceptual name of our vision.Annapurna Agro is a global leader for promoting organic products and supporting sustainable farming, wild crafting and village/tribal agriculture communities in India.

At the heart of agriculture is our commitment to promote holistic sustainable development for all through biological agriculture. We are committed to service, sanctity, integrity and to operate with an ethical and sustainable business that harms none and benefits all. We cultivate, collect, process, manufacture and market biological agriculture and veterinary products.Our products are of the highest quality and marketed all over the world. We are continually developing and expanding our range of organic products. We have designed and developed our unique processing methods and advanced dehydration technologies to ensure maximum retention of potency and nutritional values, so that we can remain true to our commitment to offer the highest quality organic products available today.

Our business is guided by our mission to provide innovative biotechnology solutions for global agricultural needs. Our primary goal is to develop alternative products that are safer, more effective, less invasive and more economical than conventional crop care products.With a defined focus on research and development in biotechnology, our efforts are aimed towards creating a pioneering range of zero residue agricultural products for crop protection and yield enhancement.

Our philosophy is “against chemical” Annapurna Agro bridges the gap between farmers and nature.Since 2007 our mission has been to globally source and distribute organic products that will minimize the impact on the planet. We do this by optimizing our margins with our professional international organic commodity trade and vertical integration,as well as, focusing on key accounts, specialties and innovations in product development.Further,strategic alliances and acquisitions have been a key part to the success and growth of the company, and lastly, the professionalized quality management per category and the strong focus on customer satisfaction and organic integrity throughout the entire supply chain is one of our key capabilities which make us stand out from the rest of the industry.

Biological Agriculture

We supply 100% pure,natural,organic and herbal agro products, which assist in cultivation and contribute to the growth of crops.These products include herbal Growth Promoter, plant Growth promoter flower shedding preventer,cotton pest control termite remover, mealy bug controller and others.Herbal agro products are extracted from natural herbs in different specifications to suit the varied needs of the cultivators- be it full time farming or its armature gardening.They can also be standardized as per the specific needs. The herbal agro products are obtained from different processes.However premimum quality and high effectiveness is always ensured, which meet or exceed the international quality standards.