Jaldharak is environmentally safe potassium-based bio-polymer in crystal from, which are specially designed for use in agriculture and horticulture. Jaldharak can be effciently used in agriculture to reduce watering frequency. They are beneficial throughout the growth cycle of plants, especially in the areas of germination, growth enhancement, and root establishment. Each crystal absorbs up to 300 times its weight in water, keeping the soil moist for healthier plants. Jaldharak can reduce watering frequency by up to 50% , reducing time and money spent on irrigation labor and water. These polymers work by absorbing and storing water and nutrients balance in a gel form. These hydro gel helps maintain a constient moisture and nutrient balance in the root zone, reducing hydria stress which can slow plant growth. Jaldharak lasts in the soil for up to 6 month and is compatible with the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Jaldharak holds fertilizer just as it holds water. Therefore one must reduce fertilizer usage by up to 50% to avoid burning of plants. Because every soil has different characteristics. Finding the optimum fertilizer rate requires adjustment of application.for sandy soil, be sure to request our WATER HOLDER when ordering.

Directions for application of Jaldharak

For Grasses :

. Broadcast the water holder at a rate of 2Kg./acre.

. Till into the soil at a depth of 4”-8”prior to planting.

For vegetables :

. Broadcast the jaldharak at a rate of 2kg./acre.

. Till into the soil at a depth of 4”-8” prior to planting.

For grains :

. Broadcast the jaldharak at a rate of 3kg./acre.

Till into the soil at a depth of 4”-8”prior to planting.