Herbal protein & Mineral based Feed Supplement For poultry

Advantages :-

Improves nervous system & Metabolism Acts as anti microbial agent. Helps proper blood formation and feather development.

Improves proper nervous system and metabolism Acts as anti microbial agent.

Help for bone & muscle formation.

Help for proper metabolism and rapid growth

Prevents anemis, perosis (Leg weakness) and poor feathering.

Usage and Administration :-1000gm./MT Regular Feed from 8 days to 35 days


Plant Protein---------------- 10%

Natural Calcium--------------- 25%

Probiotics                   10% Natural Phosphorous                                    --12.5%

Herbals                           10%

Natural Minerals------------ --2.5%

S. cerevisae------------------- 1000 Billion

Natural Carrier 30%